Whoh doggy!

Something tells me there’s something not quite right with my dog.  I’m concerned and probably should take it to the vet. Unfortunately, I don’t own a dog.  So whatever premonition I’m feeling about my non-existent sick dog must be from an alternate dimension.  Although my own current existence doesn’t really care about a non-existent dog, I can’t help feel a little sorry for alternate-reality-me.  I can definitely imagine how it would feel to be attached to a furry creature and know that somethings wrong.  I hope things turn out okay for alternate-reality-me.


I saved the world today.

Today was a pretty productive day.  I woke up about 7:30, normally I would sleep in, but I had a stomach ache that woke me up– I took this as a bad omen since usually when I get a stomach ache that means something bad’s gonna happen.

So after I was done in the bathroom I decided to look outside to check if anything was amis.  It was snowing pretty heavily–the first heavy snowfall of the season– and then I noticed the moon was still out.  You know how sometimes you can see the moon in the daylight?  Well funny thing is, the moon was about 10 times bigger than it normally was.

I was like “That’s pretty cool.” — it reminded me of that one night scene from “Cast Away.”  Anyway, turns out the moon for some reason had changed it’s orbit and now was steadily falling towards the Earth!

This is okay with me, really, since I really kind of like the idea of the world coming to an end.  I mean, hey, if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen–and if the entire world is wiped out, then there really isn’t any matter since there’d be noone mourn the loss to our civilization.  Of course, maybe aliens would somehow find the remnants of our planet and be able to piece together some of our culture– then I guess some of our heritage  might could be found in some soft of intergalactic museum…

But I digress…

I ended up deciding that I’d might as well try to do something about it.  After all, it is pretty close to Thanksgiving.  I really like the holiday: being with family, enjoying time off from work and school, and eating lotsa food (my favorite).  So I called up a buddy of mine at NASA and told him that the moon was out of whack.  He thanked me and said he’d see what he could do.  After a bit he called me back and said the problem was being taken care of.  Apparently they have some sort of super gigantic rocket propulsion gizmo that they launched at the moon to push it back in it’s proper orbit.  At about 8:30 the moon was just about in it’s proper place, so I went ahead and got ready for the day.

So anyway, I guess I saved the world today.